Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our tomatoes are kickin'...

Check out our unruly tomato garden!


Hmmm...what does this remind me of?

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay not really. They're really good tomatoes and we have so many we've been able to share with friends. Lots of 'em....but not all of them as clearly some are a bit too "racy" to eat.

There's nothing nicer than going out to pluck a fresh tomato from the vine, then coming back in and putting it on a sandwich.

Check out Mr. P's open-face BLT:


Mmmmmm...and yes we're still using the box of 100 pre-cooked bacon strips my sister sent me as a gift. (thanks Michelle and Eric!)

Anyone have a good tomato-based recipe?


  1. Did you know you could put the whole tomato in the freezer and after it freezes drop it in a ziplock? Long cold Omaha winter rolls in and when you make soup or spagetti, out comes the tomato, run it under scalding water and voila the skin peels off. Chop it up in stew, sauces , you know what to do...very fresh and good.

  2. Hi Denise -

    Just catching up on your blog (very entertaining!)

    I have a really good tomato pie recipe. Bisquick/cheese/mayo.... let me know if you want it.