Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Design Assistant Magnus gets a new bed...

I'm afraid that given all the work underway at the Ranch we've been neglecting the needs of our favorite design assistant, Magnus. And although he's really not much of a complainer, one thing was clear - he did not care for his dog bed. And when Magnus is unhappy...boy, what a whiner!


So we hit PetSmart to find the perfect bed. A bed that, selfishly, had to match the living room decor while still providing the perfect place for a mid-afternoon snooze. Low walls for chin-resting? Check. A furry lining for maximum comfort? Check. A color that goes nicely with white fur? Check. (that's the beauty of white dogs...they match everything!)

By jove I think we've found it!


But no bed would be complete without a personally monogrammed pillow, made of the same fabric as our headboard and bed skirt, and also courtesy of my mom.

Photobucket is good!

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