Thursday, July 23, 2009

A unique drive-thru experience...

Things I love about Omaha - Number 345: Really tasty drive-thru chicken parm with a side of pizza at Fazoli's.


No, for real. A SIDE of pizza - as in, it's part of a combo meal. Of course one could argue that pizza is a main course but to those people I say, "PIZZA WILL NOT STAND FOR BEING PIGEONHOLED LIKE THAT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH."

Okay that was actually Mr. P's order - I opted for the slightly more sensible spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce and a side salad. But no matter. The point is that you CAN get drive-thru chicken parm if you want it. And want it I do.

My thighs on the other hand...well, not so much.

Oh, did I mention that you can also drive-thru for Dairy Queen Tagalongs Blizzards? For those of you communists who don't know, Tagalongs are THE BEST Girl Scout Cookies ever. And the geniuses at Dairy Queen mash them up and put them in ice cream. And then you eat it. And then you regret it. And then you get over it and decide that life is too short and you get another one the next day. And then you realize you have a problem - too many Blizzards, not enough Lycra.

Perhaps we'll have to limit our chicken parm/Blizzards outtings. This could get ugly.

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