Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey! Bunnies!

Mr. P was mowing the lawn (yay! grass!) and stumbled upon a hidden rabbit hole. Five adorable baby bunnies sprang out and ran across the yard. This one, less camera shy than his brothers stopped for a picture:

hey! bunnies!

The bunnies are adorable, yes. And yes, I chased them around the yard trying to make one my pet. ("I will love and hug him and I will name him George.") But alas, I didn't catch one. Which is probably a good thing since all our neighbors looked horrified and informed me that bunnies (actually I believe the term they used was horrible long-eared rats) eat all your flowers and vegetables and dig holes under your fence. My guess is that they're in cahoots with the neighborhood dogs and helping them escape captivity.

And since we just planted a lovely little tomato, peppers and blueberry garden I suppose I should be a bit more concerned. But quite frankly, that's why the Good Lord invented supermarkets (the one here is called Hy-Vee which makes me giggle when I say it 'cause it sounds so...I don't know...cute and giggly?). So let the bunnies have my tomatoes...there's plenty more where that came from!


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