Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm yaaaaaard sale-ing away....

(Yes that WAS supposed to be an homage to STYX who by the way, will be performing here in Omaha along with REO Speedwagon and .38 Special. I am on that like white on rice.)

Now where was I? Oh right. Yard sales.

Omaha has the most organized yard sale system I have ever seen. Each Friday the Omaha World Herald prints this:


It's a yard sale guide with a map! They map them out for you! It's like they made it especially for me. Which they may have...because I'm sort of a big deal here:


KIDDING! Sorry...couldn't resist.

Anywho the yard sale guide is fantastic. This morning I went to one and got this fantastic chair for my office/dirty hole of doom and tools.


Cute, right? And only $3. I also bought an ottoman in green tweed (which I will reupholster) and some books.

HOORAY! Yard sales are the funnest.

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