Sunday, June 7, 2009

Exploring Omaha - music and, um, well junk...

Another lovely weekend in Omaha!

We're starting to discover that Omahans just love any excuse to be outdoors. That's probably because winters here are rough. Personally I plan on subsisting on pizza delivery, not shaving to help maintain body heat and not leaving my house until April. But I've been known to be a tad dramatic at times.

This weekend we strolled to a friend's house for some drinks and sparkling conversation before heading down the block for to a great free (free! yay!) concert in Memorial Park. The band: Gomez, a British group with a folksy rock sound and a love of dirty Levis. (click here to check them out - c'mon, broaden your musical horizons a bit!)


Good times!

Earlier in the day we discovered a great salvage shop called A&R Salvage. From old clawfoot tubs to stained glass church windows and enough colored toilets and sinks to make your head spin, this place is very cool. Think of it like a big version of your grandpa's attic + the dump + that sketchy empty lot you used to play in as a kid even though your mom told you to stay away. (or was that just me?)

Look, Mr. P discovered the grill section:


Not to be confused with the GRILLZ section which sells these:

grillz Pictures, Images and Photos

Ha! I kid! (but I wouldn't be surprised if these A&R guys had a bucket of these somewhere)

We bought a grill to replace one that was missing and hiding behind an old built-in and we went on our merry way. What a great weekend!

Omaha, you're my favorite!


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