Monday, June 1, 2009

Final step of the wall re-plastering! YAY!

We're at step four in the re-plastering of our living room walls. I am just hours away from being able to lounge on a couch like a normal bored housewife. Doesn't it look great?


Well almost...had to drape tarp over the doorways to avoid the entire house being covered in plaster dust (they're sanding down the walls as I type). I am NOT looking forward to cleaning up. Does anyone know if you can train a dog to vaccuum?


  1. Dog, what dog??? You have a dog now? I'll bet when you finish sanding the plaster the dog is white too. We need a picture of the dog's contributions the ranch project. Just so you know, I have trained mine to shed hair,drool,and lay down in the middle of walking traffic through out the house. They are so specialized they know to move from room to room as the projects move.

  2. It looks like big feet under the tarp. IT'S TARP MONSTER. Run for your life. No...maybe one foot and one flipper.

  3. HA! Well thankfully the dog is white so all the dust just blends right in. I'd like to teach him to paint because, quite frankly, I am OVER IT.