Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New roof...

[Side note: I clearly need more caffeine...I typed "Noo roof" in the title of this blog....yikes. Glad I caught it before publishing although perhaps you readers would've thought I was just being all clever and stuff.]

Okay, back to the business at hand. We're having a new roof put in today!


(please try to ignore the dead boxwoods which we tried to resuscitate with little success - they will be replaced soon.)

The thing about roof installation is that IT IS REALLY FRIGGIN LOUD and makes you want to stuff things into your ears and pick off roofers one-by-one with a strong garden hose. Oh and it also makes a mess in your yard. Design Assistant Magnus just about fainted when he saw that front yard:


But he quickly cheered up when he realized that the constant pounding of hammers made it necessary for Mrs. P to take him out for lots of walks in order to escape the madness creeping in.


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