Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting ripped off on Craigslist...

Mr. P and I have had really good luck on Craigslist. We've sold hundreds of dollars in stuff and we've bought a lot of stuff, too. Recently we saw a posting for a kitchen breakfast nook set and thought it would work perfectly in our space.

The woman posted a picture of the set on the listing - it looked more or less like this only not white:


Sort of cute, no? And for the $75 she was asking for it it seemed like a steal. (we just saw it in the American Airlines Sky Mall catalog for $449)

When we went to pick it up she had taken it apart so we could fit it in the car. HERE IS WHERE I SHOULD HAVE SEEN A PROBLEM. We brought it home and when we were unloading it I realized we were missing a part of the "L." I thought, "Surely it's at her house and we accidentally left it...we'll be able to go pick up the other half of this thing tomorrow."

But "KerryBerrie" (that's her Craigslist moniker) has not returned emails or phonecalls. We were tempted to drive back to her house but it's in a sketchy neighborhood and I have no interest in being featured on an episode of Dateline. Mostly because I find Keith Morrison sort of creepy:

Keith Morrison Pictures, Images and Photos

Anywho, back to Craigslist.

Well we showed KerryBerrie! Check out our little breakfast nook now! We ditched the half-missing banquet part, painted the table and bench black and paired it with some cute (read: cheap) chairs that I painted and reupholstered using the fabric from and old skirt:



Suck on that, Craigslist Deadbeats far and wide! You cannot defeat us!

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