Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're yard saaaaale-ing away...(again)

Another great yard sale day on a gray and cloudy Saturday in Omaha. Our spirits couldn't be dampened as we head out to see what the yard sale gods had in store for us. And we scored!

First, the lamps. Check out this baby:


Hard to believe it was just 75 cents, no? Okay maybe not. But still, lamps are expensive people! 75 CENTS IS A STEAL! Even if it IS ugly as sin! The important thing is that it has POTENTIAL. I liked the shape so I gave the seller a whole $1 and went on my merry way.

First, I taped off the socket and the electrical cable so they wouldn't get painted. (I left the lighbulb in to protect the inside of the bulb socket.)


Next I lightly sanded the lamp so the paint would adhere better to the surface. And then it was spray paint time! (hey anal retentive types...use a glove on your painting hand to protect your skin. And do this in a well ventilated area...spray paint fumes can give you a headache quicker than cheap champagne, trust me!)


A $15 shade from Lowes (Target has good lampshade options, too) and voila:


Cute, yes? Hooray! This is fun! What else can I spray paint?

How about this? An old desk that is just the right size for the guest room and at $10 well, I can't afford NOT to buy it!


I splurged on a $6 drawer pull from Lowes and a $4 can of black spray paint (I love spray paint - just hold the can a good 9-12 inches away from what you're painting and move it back and forth in a smooth motion...and use a small foam brush to smooth out drips) and here's what we've got:


Not to shabby for a total spend of $20! I may have put too much stuff on it, and I used a framed photo to hide the tangle of cables, but this is a tight space and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I've got a whole list of stuff I'm on the hunt for. Watch out, Omaha yard sellers! Mrs. P is on the prowl!

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