Monday, June 1, 2009

The living room is coming together!

As I mentioned earlier today is the final day of the re-plastering efforts in our living/dining room.

Quick story (don't you roll your eyes at the screen). The plaster guy has a massive hernia and he's having surgery on June 26. His wife (also his business partner) was telling me about said hernia and told him to show me. I took a pass. (weird, right?) Then today he came into the mudroom to clean up...shirtless...with a MASSIVE GRAPEFRUIT-SIZED BULGE IN HIS SIDE. He has a massive grapefruit size hernia that you can SEE without special doctor tools. OMG. Make it stop.

Okay back to the room.

GUYS. LOOK AT THE WALLS. Remember the before?


And remember this one-way ticket to Suckville?


Well look at these puppies now!


Smoother than a baby's bottom! Now getting them there really did take some work - four coats of plaster and then a LOT of sanding. My living room looked like a powdered donut. See?


Anyone who knows me knows how OCD I am about cleanliness. Cleaning this floor was a nightmare - white dust in every nook and cranny. Two hours later and I'm still cleaning. But it's lookin' good!


Check out those hardwoods! (covered in dust) Almost there!

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  1. Hob really did learn from his parents. I am so proud and it looks great.